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Profhilo Wakefield

Here at AL Aesthetics with clinics in Doncaster and Manchester  we offer Profhilo injectable skincare to hydrate, refresh and bring a youthful appearance to the skin.


Procedure Time

20 Minutes


Recovery Time



How Long Does it Last?

6-12 months

(maintenance required)

Profhilo is a big burst of hydration for the skin resulting in a gorgeous glow! A small fine needle is inserted superficially to make this procedure virtually painless.

Before you receive profhilo, our medical professional will assess your skin dexterity and laxity.

Profhilo is ideal for preventing fine lines and wrinkles, totally revitalising skin with an overall glow you won't get with any other product. Profhilo contains the highest strength of hyaluronic acid on the market! Each molecule of HA attracts 1,000 water molecules, so its vital you keep hydrated to maintain that glow!

Profhilo Sheffield


After treatment you may experience small bumps on the skin, these should subside within 6 hours. Avoid excessive heat and exercise for 48 hours after treatment. You may experience some discomfort and bruising.

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