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Dermal Filler and Autoimmune Conditions

A patient with an autoimmune condition is at higher risk of immunogenic response, if we add dermal filler into the body of the patient the body could react negatively (the body thinks that the dermal filler is a virus/bacteria and tries to kill it).

However, if we apply a sterile field combined with a brilliant injection technique, we can provide the perfect dermal filler enhancement. It is important that you trust your injector, and value their knowledge. If you do have an autoimmune condition (like me) it can be daunting finding the right practitioner. I am confident in my practice and converse with my patients in order to completely understand their expected results.

There are many autoimmune conditions, including, but not limited to; rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, thyroiditis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), Gillian-Barre, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, chrons, celiac, peripheral neuropathy and haemolytic anemia. These conditions do not mean that you cannot get dermal fillers, only that you must make your practitioner aware of you're conditions so that they can provide the optimal techniques to achieve your enhancement.

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